full web and application development services


Who Are We?

Nallware Consulting has been doing business since 2010. Their small team of developers have over ten years experience in the various fields of Information Technology. Nallware specializes in web design and web application development for local businesses in the Greater Louisville area. Whatever the size of your company, or the market you are in, we have the right solution for you, and we build it to your specifications and within your budget. You can choose all or some of our front-to-backend solutions including web design, web application development, database design and programming

What We Do ?

Nallware can provide simple web sites to give your clients and customers the information they need, delivered to their laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. We can develop small to medium scale management systems to help you track employees, inventory, vendors, or any other business process or asset you want. We provide domain registration, hosting, and development in easy to understand all-inclusive packages and will quote you an hourly rate on larger more comprehensive projects. We develop in both .Net and open source technologies and use the correct tool carefully chosen for each project.

Latest Project

Some of our latest project include a process management tool to facilitate communication, document transferral, and tracking in .Net with a C# and Oracle database back-end. Another project was developed in PHP with MySQL to manage employee data and attendance. We're currently building a bug tracking web application for in-house use, a geneology site that gathers migration data on the researcher's ancestors, and a several business sites. More projects with demos and screen-shots are listed on our projects, plus you can view feedback from past clients on our Feedback page.


About the Owner

Kelly has worked with technology most of his life. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in System Design and Application Programming from Sullivan University. He has held positions in database, development, and is familiar with several technologies including C# .Net, ASP, PHP, Oracle, Windows Forms, MySQL, Java, Windows Presentation Foundation, JavaScript, etc. He works full time as a software developer in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and teaches Dynamic Web Development at Sullivan College of Technology and Design. In his spare time, he enjoys touring on his motorcycle, attending estate sales and auctions, and independent study in the programming languages of C# and Java, and web with XHTML, CSS, and PHP because he believes there is always more to learn.